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    Tennessee's source for fine lumber and high quality flooring.

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    About Us

    The boys after a day of helping Daddy "work".

    Let's talk family before business.

    We are a family of six:  Barry (Dad), Julie (Mom), Charlie, George, Sam and Luke (String of sons), Izzy (Cat) and Ollie (Dog).  You might say woodworking has us immersed totally.  Barry fell in love with woodworking at a young age and has stayed on that path in one way or another throughout the years.  We started Schwaiger Woodworks out of our love for the art of woodworking.  It's a family thing.  

    And now for the business.

    We founded our business on three principles: 

    1. Exceed the customer’s expectations. 

    2. Have a price which cannot be beat. 

    3. Be easy to get along with. 

    Schwaiger Woodworks is a cooperative effort with Oleksik, Inc of Rock Island, TN. Oleksik, Inc is owned by George and Mary Oleksik. George is the retired CFO of Powermatic and seems to know all things business and financial. Basically everyone in eastern Tennessee knows and loves the Oleksik family and their string of children. In 2010 George opened a 6,000 square foot distribution center in Rock Island, TN and we loaded it with product.   

    Come on by!

    Schwaiger Woodworks is focused on specialized woodworking supplies and high end hardwoods for the serious woodworker.  Our hardwood flooring is a spin off of having lots of wood lying around.  We focus our hardwood flooring on four primary species: Walnut, Cherry, Hickory & White Oak. Our flooring is top notch material and milled by some of the best guys in the business.  Come by and see us if you are able or send us a note.  We'll see if we can get you to look after one of these kids so we can stack some lumber for you.